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5 Reasons to Skip the iPhone 5C and 5S

In the wake of Apple’s announcement Tuesday, technophiles (including ourselves) have beaten the engineering and specifications of these new smartphones to death. And at the end of the day, we wondered, “Why bother?” Behind the light show, buzzwords and new hardware, are they really that special? Here are five reasons to skip the upgrade to the iPhone 5C and 5S.

1. The average person can’t even tell the difference

If you handed someone who did not see Apple’s keynote yesterday a gold spray-painted iPhone 5, it’s likely they would believe this was the new, improved iPhone. Just to prove the lack of visual differences between the devices, Jimmy Kimmel pulled a little prank. Masquerading the iPad mini as the new iPhone 5S, he successfully duped people on the street into believing the impostor tablet was the next-gen smartphone. Obviously, dumbfounding hilarity ensued:

But beyond petty pranks, how slow is your iPhone now? How bad is the state of the art camera? Can you even perceive lag on the iPhone 5? Apple brags the iPhone 5S processor is over 40 times faster than the original iPhone. Considering the original was built in 2007, I doubt you’re surprised.  In terms of complaints, the iPhone 5 didn’t have many so the improvements in hardware and software are quite negligible to the naked eye.

Should I Buy the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C?

One of the first questions I received after today’s iPhone announcement was “Which new iPhone should I buy?” After all, this was the first time in Apple smartphone history that two new iPhones are being released at the same time. For most smartphone enthusiasts, the decision is easy. The iPhone 5S is the latest and greatest and offers the upgrade they have been salivating for since last October. But for the general consumer, the decision to spend $100 more for their smartphone might not be as straightforward. Let’s break down the differences of each phone and make a case for who should buy the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C.

Apple event on for Sept. 10: iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C announcement likely

Ladies and gentleman. Apple lovers everywhere. The rumored September 10 iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C announcement looks all but certain at this point thanks to an invitation sent around today by Apple. The invitation came from Apple CEO Tim Cook and reads:

This should brighten everyone’s day.

Please join us for a café breakfast and coffee bar on September 10 at 9:00 AM followed by an executive presentation at 10:00 AM.

This invitation-only event will be held in Town Hall at 4 Infinite Loop in Cupertino.

Some have pointed out that the phrase “brighten everyone’s day” and the colorful invite art to allude to the new colors  that will be available on the iPhone 5C. This would mark the first time two iPhone models are announced at the same time.

Leaked iPhone 5C Saves on Style, your Wallet

It’s that time of the year when techies everywhere hold their breath for the next iteration of the iPhone.  But this year is different, because children’s piggy banks could be spared smashing and the rest of us cubicle-ridden geeks overtime to purchase it. According to Sonny Dickson’s green gallery of the leaked iPhone 5C, the overlords at Cupertino may be kind enough to bring a budget iPhone to the masses. The title is presumed as are the following rumors, but stick with us for the exciting rundown.