Five Early Black Friday Deals You Can Afford

Practical Early Black Friday Deals

You may have heard the rumor… Black Friday isn’t just Black Friday anymore, is it? Why no, in fact, there’s a bit of a time warp to this Capitalistic time of year! You can actually purchase these same deals early despite the post-Thanksgiving hype. Sound good?

Annoying marketing ploys aside, we all know the Internet is big on selling you year-round, but why is it always about the heavyweight items? At Tech Void, we don’t think a “deal” takes a chunk out of your half-eaten-by-inflation wallet. So let’s skip the 8K TVs and get to some practical Black Friday steals you can actually see yourself considering. Read on for our top five early Black Friday deals.

1. Amazon Fire TV Devices

Look, we get it. You feel like you’ve watched enough TV since the pandemic. But did you know you can do it more efficiently? With up to 50% off the Fire Stick 4K and similar early Black Friday deals on its many brothers and sisters, you may enjoy having another smart device that works with Alexa at home. Personally, I can never find the remote anyway, so it’s a quintessential item to boss my TV around.

Fire TV Stick 4K

2.  Big Blanket Co.

Yes, you have blankets. But do you have BIG blankets? We’re talking ones that cover at least 4.5 family members? The dog counts, right? Big Blanket Co. is offering $100 off their products through Nov. 22. Why not skip the Christmas gift and go for the Thanksgiving warmup with this early Black Friday deal?

Blue Plaid Big Blanket

3. iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

It may be 2022, yet nothing feels more modern than owning a robot vacuum. However, most of them seem to cost upwards of $250. Why not save yourself a cool $95 and get the iRobot Roomba 694? Sitting at 4.5 stars with 14k ratings (and WiFi connectivity to boot), this 3-stage cleaning bot will give your cat a nice ride and your family more time to watch more Love is Blind. Plus, you can SCHEDULE vacuum sessions so it doesn’t bug you. Battery life is 90 minutes, so given your reasonable budget, your floor plan should manage just fine.

4. Seagate Expansion 10TB External Hard Drive

Sure, you thought you had enough backup storage for all of your media…but you were wrong. Good news! Seagate, arguably the most reliable name in hard drives, has reduced the price of its 10TB external HDD by 16%. That’s 10TB of storage potentially on your doorstep in one day if you’re a Prime member. It comes with USB 3.0, instant Windows/Mac recognition for simple setup and formatting, and an included limited warranty and data recovery service. And if that’s not enough, why not splurge for their 12TB for just around $20 more? For even lower budgets, their 1-6 TB options are plenty affordable.

5. INSE Cordless Vacuum

We know… ANOTHER VACUUM! Look, robot vacuums aren’t for everyone…or their shag carpets and stairs. And if you’re like us, you’ve been eyeing a cordless vacuum for a while now. Lord knows plugging in the loudest appliance on Earth and whipping a cord around furniture, pets, and children is enough to make you lose your mind and hearing in one go.

Save yourself some work with this lighter and more nimble INSE Cordless Vac. Battery life is up to 45 minutes, and it comes with a HEPA filter and stainless steel strainer. It’s 25% off and more affordable than most stick vacs on the block.

Alternatively, if you want a more known brand when choosing your early Black Friday deal, Eureka’s RapidClean Pro has a $15.99 coupon right now with up to 40 min. of cleaning time.