Civilization Developer Sid Meier Announces New Game: Starships

Sid Meier, the video game genius behind the Civilization series and its most recent iteration, Civilization: Beyond Earth, took to GameSpot yesterday to announce an all new title that will tie-in with the Beyond Earth cosmos.  Very little has been revealed thus far, but for now we know that a “small team” at Firaxis and Meier himself have teamed up to announce Sid Meier’s Starships, which will be released on PC, Mac and the iPad in early 2015.

The announcement trailer, available on YouTube, was done in the same frustrating style as the trailer for Sid Meier’s Beyond Earth (without any actual gameplay elements).  This type of trailer does make the tie-in more relevant, and GameSpot has revealed there will be “cross-connectivity” for those persons who own each of the games but provided no further details.

In the announcement, Meier teased that the players will be “exploring the next chapter” of the Beyond Earth game.  Meier’s most important statement on gameplay focused on “starship design and combat within a universe filled with interstellar adventure, diplomacy, and exploration.”  There is also expected to be maps that are generated randomly to increase the perception of replayability.

Early 2015 is not far away, by any means, so it can be expected to see updates very soon.  For now, we know nothing on pricing or a version for Android.  We will keep an eye on further developments, as one must with Sid Meier, who has always been one to be pushing the gaming envelope.

Source: GameSpot