Uber adds UberTaxi feature to app for non-limousine service in Washington D.C.

Uber of D.C. (the smartphone app limousine service) just got a lot more convenient for metro-area passengers. Now, instead of paying up for luxury off-duty black car sedan and SUV drivers, an UberTaxi service has been added for the cash-less, credit card-only venture.

Uber announced the additional service on their blog Monday, which allows pickup from regular DC cab drivers who meet their restrictions. UberTaxi will include a $2 dispatch fee, 20% gratuity, and limited service since not all cabs fit the restrictions set by Uber and the DC Council.

To subscribe to the service, just download Uber (if you haven’t already), and add your payment information for cashless chauffeuring. The costs are slightly less than the black car Uber services and just as hassle-free. Virginia and Maryland cabs won’t be included, but it’s definitely a start considering residents of D.C. are still left struggling to find cash for cabs normally. Since the D.C. Taxicab Commission’s credit-card payment implementation project’s contract awarding dispute, residents have been forced to continue finding ATMs during weekend bar crawls.

It’s about damn time for a digital payment alternative, says this plastic-preferential reporter.

Via: Inthecapital
Source: Uber