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Top Video Game Glitches to Bust Your Gut

Video games are fun, but sometimes the best Easter eggs are developer screw-ups. Yes, the glitches.  You know you’ve all seen the gifs of FIFA players dry humping each other circulating Reddit. So why not list the best and worst of video game graphic fails? Some laughter in the office will do you some good anyway.  So here it is, a list of the top video game glitches for you to cringe or cry yourselves laughing over. It might be time to start rethinking those release dates, game developers.

1. Layers of Fear

There’s nothing quite like an Easter egg in a videogame where characters start running into things. This well-known Twitch user, Jerma, found one in Layers of Fear that makes him melt down for a solid six minutes. It’s best you stretch your cheek muscles before viewing.

2. Heavy Rain

Out of popular demand, we added the following to our list. Heavy Rain had a game glitch where a character would scream “SHAUN” over and over during a cut scene, and even throughout later gameplay. The user-shot video isn’t the best quality but the laughs are incredible. Be sure to look over your shoulder before you start shedding tears of pure senseless joy.