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CES Editor’s Choice Day 4: A suped up Bentley, Lockitron, and brand new ScottEVest

If you’re not as excited about the Oscar nominations as the rest of your friends, you can catch up on CES news instead, which is just as cool but may not as funny as Emma Stone or Seth McFarlane.

Thursday we got another expensive preview from CES 2013, but it was’t a television this time, but instead a pimped out QNX-outfitted Bentley GT. The Bentley blends its high-luxury antiquated leather look and feel with 2013 tech of QNX. The center console of the car has a large touch-screen interface much like the Tesla Model S. It’s cloud-connected via an HTML 5 app (so you can link to your smartphone), has infrared-pre-touch functionality, and voice-control. You can also video chat (when parked).  Navigation didn’t appear to work well on the loud showroom floor, but overload mics aside, this is no $200,000+ piece of horsepower and technology to sneeze at. Check out Crackberry’s tour below: