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Get Your Daily DC News with Briefing

Briefing, a start-up media company based here in Washington, D.C., recently launched a new site that allows readers to digest the daily top news headlines in a simple, elegant fashion.

Each day, the Briefing team – currently consisting of Washingtonians William Nutt and Joe McKnight – curates the most popular news stories from national news sources such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Time to name a few. Unfortunately, these sources are not customizable for the time being.

The goal of Briefing is to “employ a modern, minimalistic design to help readers understand complex world issues quickly and in context” and the site follows through on this promise. Compared to other “light reading” news sites such as Newser, navigating the daily briefing is painless and readers can feel informed about the latest world news within minutes of accessing the site. In addition to news, Briefing also offers readers a “song of the day” via Spotify to help make your reading experience more enjoyable.

I really like the concept of offering readers an easy way to stay informed while on the go. Briefing’s site isn’t all things for all people. There aren’t updates throughout the day or an extensive archive of news (yet), but they have successfully carved out a niche in reporting the news that matters, and I love that.

To check it out for yourself, you can sign up for the Daily Briefing at http://briefi.ng/.


Why Alibaba and Its IPO are a Big Deal

The internet is abuzz that Alibaba, a Chinese internet conglomerate, will be going public soon in what could be the largest offering of all time. Yet most Americans have never even heard of the company. Here’s a quick primer on just what Alibaba does and why you should be interested.