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A Few Days with Google Hangouts Pt. I

With all of the announcements out of Google’s I/O developer conference this past week, the one that stands out the most for me personally is the introduction of Google Hangouts. No, this isn’t the video chat built-in to Google+ that we all know (and some love). This is the product, formerly referred to as “Babel,” that unites the old Hangouts with Google+ Messenger, Google Talk and very soon Google Voice and SMS.

Google has been developing the new Hangouts for the last two years, working with engineers across Google to bring the first truly “unified” experience to a cross-platform messaging service. Built to compete with the likes of BBM, WhatsApp and even Facebook Messenger, Hangouts allows users to communicate with their contacts from a Chrome, Android or iOS device. The old Talk within GMail is even upgraded to Hangouts so that conversations will always be synced across all of your devices.