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Moto X Owners Receiving Verizon’s 4.4.2 KitKat Updates Today

Owners of the Motorola MotoX on Verizon have started receiving an update to the latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat today. Soak test  invites (A program where people can beg to receive Beta software updates) for the MotoX update on Verizon Wireless went out last week, and reports of the update roll-out have already been coming in, including on my own personal phone. Updates to security, roaming, battery life, and their proprietary software are included. Also, Verizon’s preferred mobile wallet payment app, ISIS, will have new enhancements. Stay tuned as we play around with it to see if any drastic changes are noticed. You can see the full rundown of updates in 4.4.2 KitKat from Verizon below.

Covering CES with Google: A Chromebook, YouTube, and the Moto X

As Editor of a growing technology blog, the International Consumer Electronics Show is the hallmark of conventions to attend for proper news coverage. Every major electronics manufacturer struts their hot new tech for the coming year, and thousands of bloggers and industry reps come to be sold and speculate on it. So I finally went. I applied for my press pass in December, bought a plane ticket to Vegas (with miles, thankfully), and booked a hotel room at the Riviera  just blocks from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

So How Did we Cover it?

First off, we have to thank AT&T for their gracious hospitality, offering us us a Netgear UNITE Pro Mobile Hot Spot for wireless capabilities while covering CES 2014. This little device packs a 4020 mAh battery, offering 16-hours of 4G speed WiFi and/or smartphone charging known as Battery Boost. It also can connect up to 15 devices to the web. You turn it on, and you’re online in seconds. That’s it. This little monster got the 4G LTE speeds that were clutch during coverage.

Moto X OTA update Announced for Verizon Wireless

Breaking news from Motorola just came in today, conveniently after posting our review on the AT&T and Verizon versions of the  Moto X. The much anticipated Moto X OTA update for Verizon Wireless is currently rolling out with improvements to the camera software, Touchless Control, Moto Migrate, Moto Care, and call quality. The enhancements made a major difference in quality of camera shots and usability of the smartphone during our review of the AT&T model, so early adopters of the Moto X on Verizon Wireless should be pleasantly surprised to finally receive the update. AT&T and other carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint had already had updates move forward. For the full run down, check out Motorola’s press release  below.