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Trsst: Successful Kickstarter is an Open-Source Social Network with an Eye on Security

With a successful Kickstarter campaign, is setting out to change social media and security.

D.C. area digital entrepreneur Michael Powers is the man behind, a new open source social network. will operate like the love child of Google Reader and Twitter, according to the folks at Wired Magazine, letting  users “…post your own stream of consciousness to the web but also read all sorts of online feeds streaming in from elsewhere.”

The new social network was developed over the recent concerns over security, especially who sees and handles your information. Here’s the secret: The application won’t sit on one special server owned by one company but will be accessible from competing providers offering the service, sort of like how email companies work today, where you can receive a Hotmail message on your Gmail.  The service will also have the ability for you to encrypt direct messages and information at your own choosing and, most importantly, know if someone is tampering with your messages.

New Study Claims Film Piracy may Benefit Independent Productions

A new report looks at the link between Megaupload and  its box office effects. The findings were a bit surprising, concluding that film piracy may benefit independent films. Maybe the pirates were on to something…

The Washington Post reported on the recent study by economists at the Munich School of Management and Copenhagen Business School, that examined box office receipts before and after the shutdown of the infamous  pirating website Megaupload.  The team behind the study initially theorized that after the Megaupload shutdown in January 2012, profits would ideally jump for films.

While the study found that  major tent pole films such as “Harry Potter” held pretty steady, it was smaller films that saw negative effects of the Megaupload’s shutdown.

The Pacific Rim Come to Life: Powered Jacket MK3 Exoskeleton

All you fans of Pacific Rim, Neon Genesis Evagelion and Patlabor (Or Real Steel or District 9, the list goes on), your disturbed dreams have finally come to life. Meet the Powered Jacket MK3.

Sagawa Electronics has introduced the Powered Jacket MK3, a new robot exoskeleton. It’s only 55 pounds and has a maximum height of seven-and-a-half feet tall. it’s also easy to activate. Just strap yourself in, and move your limbs as you would normally, Power Rangers.

The company has also released a funny and yet mildly confusing video to promote the MK3. According to the narrator, Scarface Santaro (Kickass name, right? Wait until you see his face…), the exoskeleton has been put through rigorous tests for its walking and running functions, making sure its capable of traversing urban areas, among other places.

Analysis on Microsoft Walking Back on XBOX One’s DRM Policies

Microsoft has been in massive clean up mode since the first unveiling of its next generation console, XBOX One. In the biggest turn of events, the company has reversed its DRM policies for the upcoming console.

Following outrage from all corners of the Internet, the company issued a press release on  June 19 explaining its new changes to their DRM policies and the design of the hardware. Chief among them, you will no longer need a 24-hour Internet connection to play games offline nor will you need daily internet check-ins and there are no longer limitations to using, buying, trading and sharing your games.From the company’s press release:

“you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360…[games] will work just as it does today on Xbox 360”

Google Loon Brings Balloons, Party Favors, and Wifi to Those in Need

Google is planning to expand the internet worldwide with…balloons. The project is named Google Loon.

We may forget this, but a majority of the planet doesn’t have access to the Internet and probably wouldn’t understand that whole “Gangnam Style” or grumpy cat meme. In fact according to Google, around 5 billion people have little to no access to the Internet.

That’s where the company’s latest and very intriguing project comes into play. Introducing Project Loon, “Balloon Powered Internet for Everyone.”

Why No One Cares About Facebook Hashtags

As a way to make amends for all the information they’ve given up to the NSA, Facebook is rolling out hashtags for your posts.

Rim-shots aside, the social network is looking to become more of an “open forum” and now will be adding clickable hashtags, which would link to news feeds and other trending hashtags. Not only that, but tags from sites like Instagram or Twitter Tumblr will also be clickable too.