iOS 8 Update First Impressions: Enormous and Slow to Download and Install

Today is yet another day Apple product owners have been waiting for–the debut of iOS 8. The new operating system for iPads, iPods, and iPhones  is now available for downloading and installing on Apple mobile/tablet devices. The update is a rehash of iOS 7, one almost everyone loved when it was revealed last September, but the update isn’t much different.


Today we took it upon ourselves to test it out (on an iPhone 5) and see how rough the update process is. As it turns out, the size is approximately 5.7 GB (1 GB compressed) and depending on your internet connection, it could take two hours to download and install. That’s ridiculously large for a mobile OS. In my case, downloading iOS 8 took an hour, even with a 100 Mbps connection. We can definitely forgive Apple for slow downloading being debut day and all, but the process is certainly not one for the impatient.

After about five minutes of iOS 8 use, I was quite bored. iOS 8 doesn’t change much from iOS7. Unless you’re playing hard with Apple Maps or the new keyboard function of QuickType (which I do love, despite Android applications having this for the last four years), there’s not a lot of differences period.


QuickType is great, because it predicts some of your most used phrases and longer words you feel too exhausted to type. There is still no swipe typing, but the ability to use third-party keyboard applications was finally accepted by Apple fairly recently.

But overall, Apple has left its bubbly icons, home screens, and general software untouched on established products. Larger changes to the camera and other iOS apps (including landscape mode features) will only persist on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

What has your experience with iOS 8 been so far? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the results of Launch Day.

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  • SD1990

    i have a download speed of about 65mbps, this IOS8is trickling in at about that speed per minute for about 1.92gb over iTunes update

  • TRPackman

    I have ATT U-Verse. 4 hours and still (68 minutes remaining)

  • Quicksilver

    I’ve got 7Mb DSL took 38 mins… suckers!!!

  • Jay

    30mbps connection, 22 hour (estimated) download time. F apple

  • Tori.

    mine been on &’ it keeps changing from 12 to 20 to 8 hours over and over sometimes 17 since 4 aclock. it’s annoying me. been 4 1/2 hours.

  • moe

    50 mbps fios, 4 hrs & counting….

  • Davey

    Biggest iOS update ever – I don’t see any difference except the brightness, notifications, home sharing. Did Apple allow you to save web downloads yet? No? Why cant I save files to my iPad mini Retina like a USB drive yet? Apples just years behind their competitors. I’m burnt out on Apple-hype and no delivery, being locked down to ‘their’ way or no way. Still forced to open files with rigidly specific apple approved programs (why cant I choose!?). I’m updating an iPad 2 now and the servers keep going down forcing to restart the entire download – no resume wtf. iOS, just putting makeup on a pig, its still a pig.

  • AG

    Yeah…..I downloaded it in less than 20 minutes…

  • JammyMack

    12 hours download for me, from the above I’m wondering whether it’s worth it. That’s with an 80Mbit/s connection. Blurgh

  • Dan Milani

    Tried last night and gave up. Tried this morning and gave up again. I have 50Mbps Fios and it’s downloading at 200 Kbps!

  • mary

    i think is horrible its slowed down my phone 5s it stupid

  • JS

    My iPhone5 now freezes when switching homescreen pages, or spotlight search or even click the power button to turn off. Then 10-20 seconds later, it comes out of freeze and does the last action.

  • bhamss

    15 hrs remaining and counting….on ipad air. what a joke. for the tiniest amount of upgrades comes the largest slowest dl of an IOS ever

  • Sohojay

    Boring, slow and somewhat an invasion of privacy. Many new features actually track your activity. I’m so disappointed in Apple. My iPhone and iPad is slower?

  • Tom

    I found that my iPhone 5s is slightly slower. Part of it is due to apps not being updated but things like web browsing are noticeably slower in Safari. I’m unsure of the cause of this as I did a clean install of the ios. I’ve also done speed tests and my actual internet speed via wifi and LTE is more than fast. Hopefully this gets worked out sooner rather than later.

  • Michael Nazarinia

    iOS 8 is much slower on iPhone 5 64gb model, wish I could go back to last version of iOS 7. Apps are slower and so are the web page loads. I hope it’s the encryption that is the primary reason for delay and if so an Apple spokesperson should acknowledge encryption is a possible reason for delay when viewing web pages. Also searching texts is non functional and suggestions not working in safari now over 24 hours since installation of iOS 8.

  • Jonah

    I started downloading ios 8 about three hours ago and, as you might expect, i was getting up to 12 hours remaing. As I was waiting, I was searching the internet for all things ios so I could be familiar with it before it even downloaded. Anyway, as I started reading, I realized that the benefits that it brought were nothing special (in my opinion) although it does bring many great features. I decided i would rather just cancel the update and stick with ios 7 a little while longer, at least until I needed ios 8 to use my favorite apps. Since there is no way to cancel the update, i stupidly thought restarting my ipad may do the trick, but to no avail. The reason i am posting this is because after I restarted the ipad (mini with retina), the download starting progressing at a normal download speed. With my internet, ios 7 took about 20 minutes, and that’s what it took for ios after I restarted the ipad. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THIS WORKED OR IF IT MAY WORK FOR ANYONE ELSE but I guess its worth a try if you want to speed up your download. Comment if it works for you as well maybe this could help others out 🙂

  • iOSX

    My iPhone 5 is noticeably slower since downloading iOS 8. In my experience the one-hour download and install was much faster and more effective than last year’s iOS 7 which took hours upon hours to install with all of the server overload. But like I said iOS 8 makes my iPhone 5 at least half as fast as it was on iOS 7.1 and the battery is worse too.

  • Grendel

    It’s three days after release and It still will not download properly. I have 42 hours remaining and this is the umpteenth attempt. Extremely disappointed.

  • navot

    wifi speed on my iphone 5s is 4 times slower than actual…..downloading speed of app frm app store is quite slow….if download some file of same data on same wifi signal at same time on my android n iphone…iphone loss again n again

  • Slow, freezes and laggy on all previous model of my iPads and iPhones, im getting annoyed at these constant mistakes, u make enough to test before release but it seems like every update is the same thing, feels like u make the older devices run slow so people upgrade, no wonder android is killing it. Also so much bullshit for so little change.

  • John

    “Glad” I am not the only one having serious problem. For me, it would increase, 18 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, 69 hours, then quit about 30 minutes later. I thought it was my connection but it’s fast on other things. This is through iTunes because I don’t have enough storage to do it thru the iPhone itself. Pssh.

  • John Fought

    4.4 GB. Now watching the gear spin. With “Preparing Update…” displayed and “downloading…” below. No idea when it will be done. cleared space on my iPad2 for this.