Bone Conduction: Amazing Idea That Needs A Few Tweaks


Bone conduction headphones are a cool concept. They’ve been around for a while, but recently there has been what seems like a concerted media push behind the latest iterations of these interesting devices. Zungle (a pair of shades designed to incorporate the technology along with some other slick features) in particular has been receiving a lot of buzz.

AT&T LG G5 Review: Modular is the New Wallet Opener


You have to admit it; LG’s smartphones are cool. They’re robust, full of state of the art hardware, and have unique features that really set themselves apart from most other Android devices. Materials might look cheaper, but LG is a more interesting company in its innovation and gambling. For instance, the LG G Flex (a curved smartphone) was an incredibly stupid gimmick, and LG persisted to build two versions of it. LG also designed its smartphones with the home button and volume rocker (sometimes) on the back. It keeps them out of the way, and many people genuinely prefer it. But this year LG is trying something much more risky–a “modular” phone. Read on down for the full review of the modular LG G5 on AT&T.

10 Reasons the HTC 10 is a Great Smartphone


There can be no mistake, the smartphone market is crowded. So it’s definitely easy to become overwhelmed when shopping for a new device. For this reason, many purchase the newest iteration of whichever phone they currently have. But this could mean missing out on some of the best new features on Android devices.

One phone that may have passed under your radar is HTC’s newest flagship, the HTC 10. If so, that’s unfortunate, as it’s launched with almost universal acclaim. Here are 10 reasons why the HTC 10 is a great choice.

Tech Void’s full review will be posted in the next few weeks.

Deal of the Day: You Can Buy a 200GB MicroSD Card for $60


We’re in an age of amazing technology, and sometimes it’s nice to stop and smell the roses. Have you considered how ridiculous it is that you can buy 128GB of flash storage on a thumb drive? Just ten years ago the largest most of us could afford was 128MB.

Driver Caught on Video Asleep in Tesla Model S Using Autopilot


It didn’t take long for owners of Tesla Motors‘ Model S to abuse its new autopilot software. This week a video was uploaded to YouTube of a Tesla driving down a highway with its driver asleep at the wheel. The unconscionably unsafe act puts new scrutiny on autopilot systems currently skirting regulation.