Moto Z Droid Edition: The Thinnest Piece of Art You’ll Buy


The modular smartphone fad continues with Motorola’s new Moto Z (fraternal twin of the Moto Z Force). Like LG, Project Aria, and others, Lenovo (recently bought Motorola) has decided to to incorporate add-on functionality to hardware to sell more devices, while keeping its pleasant Moto branding pristine, fun, and interesting. But does it succeed past the trend-setting gimmicks? Find out in our full review below of the Moto Z Droid Edition, on Verizon Wireless.

Rumors Abound Of Samsung Phone Resale Program


Could Samsung be planning to resell refurbished phones? According to a report released by Reuters, a source with “direct knowledge of the matter” says such a plan could be coming “as early as next year.”

Why the Moto Z is Better at Modular

Moto Z product photography

Yesterday we filmed an unboxing of the MotoZ: Droid Edition, one of Motorola’s newest Moto-branded smartphones built under Lenovo. It’s an incredibly polished design, and it comes with some great features as well as grave consequences. But is it really good for consumers? Below you can peruse a list analyzing Motorola’s new outlook on smartphone technology and our thoughts on this unique device.

Instagram Replicates Snapchat with New “Stories” Update

instagram stories

This week Instagram has “broken the Internet” with a new update including a new feature known as “Instagram Stories.” Apparently Snapchat‘s “Stories” feature is not trademarked, because this new addition is an exact replica of Snapchat, even in name. The feature allows users to curate slideshow content atop their Insta-newsfeed–videos and photos that remain visible for 24 hours. 

Elon Musk Releases Master Plan Updates for Tesla


Elon Musk has finally released his so-called “Master Plan: Part Deux.” The Tesla CEO is updating a plan he wrote 10 years ago which consisted of building a low volume vehicle, using investors’ money to make it affordable, and using that money to build a high volume production vehicle while also finding a way to provide solar energy to consumers.