Verizon Wireless Offers Thanksgiving Deals for Travelers with Second Annual Connection Day


Wireless carriers love to offer seasonal deals for the holidays, and Thanksgiving is definitely one of them. Just like last year, Verizon Wireless is offering its “Thanksgetting” Connection Day deals for travelers on their way to celebrate. These deals are good through Wednesday, November 25.

Blue Origin Launches and Lands First Reusable Tourist Rocket


A world’s first for rocket technology occurred this week. Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ (’s CEO) commercial rocket tourism company, just completed its first successful test launching and landing its New Shepard rocket after a 100 km flight into the atmosphere. A brilliant three-minute video was just uploaded onto Blue Origin’s YouTube documenting the entire feat. The rocket launch occurred in West Texas on Monday.

Q&A: FILM Ferrania’s David Bias Says Analog Film is Making Comeback

Canon AE-1

In these digital days, film is making a comeback, and it’s taking multiple forms. From Fujifilm’s Instax lineup (Fuji Instax Mini and Wide), to Impossible Project’s offering for Polaroid cameras, to Kodak shaking off bankruptcy by cleverly branching off and creating Kodak Alaris, to Lomography starting with a cheap Russian camera and creating a booming business serving today’s photographers looking for something different.

Film influences today’s cameras one way or another. Nikon’s design for the Nikon DF came from their 35mm FM series cameras, the entire design for the Olympus Pen mirrorless series from their 35mm rangefinder cameras, and even the Fuji X series camera line is entirely funded by profits procured from Fuji’s Instax film sales profits.

But restarting an entire company in the days of digital is not for the faint of heart. Tech Void had a chance to ask Dave Bias, the head of the American branch of FILM Ferrania, a few questions about the company and their intentions on moving forward with film in the digital age.

New Si-Ware Systems Wireless Charging Chip Offers 30ft Range


Since 2014, wireless charging has been a watered-down gimmick. It’s a good bet you’ve noticed your smartphone featuring Qi wireless charging recharges noticeably slower on a pad than when plugged in directly. And if speed isn’t the problem, it’s the range. Move your phone off the center of your charging platform for even a millisecond, and you’re disconnected.

AT&T LG V10 Review: Two Selfie Cameras in a Hefty Package


LG has become a major competitor in the smartphone market over the past few years, and it’s all due to the innovation and design which remains unique to their brand. It’s a refreshing alternative to following Samsung and Apple into the feature fight. And while LG’s new V10 isn’t technically a flagship device, it’s still one of the largest and most remarkable of its product lineup. Curious why? Read on below for our full review of the LG V10 on AT&T.