Elon Musk Releases Master Plan Updates for Tesla


Elon Musk has finally released his so-called “Master Plan: Part Deux.” The Tesla CEO is updating a plan he wrote 10 years ago which consisted of building a low volume vehicle, using investors’ money to make it affordable, and using that money to build a high volume production vehicle while also finding a way to provide solar energy to consumers. 

Pinterest Buys Highlight, the Creepy Social Media Networking App


Years ago, Highlight debuted its not-so-hip social media app meant to help locals meet on the go via location-based tracking. The app’s history is reminiscent of Social Radar, famous for creeping out local WashingtoniansHighlight’s initial launch was more of a confused premise than it was a success. And its famously blinding logo was more of a turn-off than inviting. Nevertheless, five years later Highlight is announcing its acquisition by Pinterest.

Will Tesla Realize Their Daring Model 3 Predictions?


We’ve talked a bit about the Tesla Model 3 before, back when we first caught wind of its announcement. It’s been a few months, and by now you’ve likely already heard rumors regarding the car’s design, the reveal of Tesla working with Panasonic to create the Model 3 power cells, and seen YouTube video of Model 3 prototypes on the road.

Everything you Need to Know About 2016 Smartwatches


For the past few years, the smartwatch boom that has been heavily rumored to take off and now, it’s finally a reality. There are hundreds of different smartwatches that offer various benefits to each owner—the world is your oyster. As the market for smartwatches grow and the Internet of Things continues to expand, customization and being constantly connected has become top priority, and this smart accessory is pushing the momentum along.

Bone Conduction: Amazing Idea That Needs A Few Tweaks


Bone conduction headphones are a cool concept. They’ve been around for a while, but recently there has been what seems like a concerted media push behind the latest iterations of these interesting devices. Zungle (a pair of shades designed to incorporate the technology along with some other slick features) in particular has been receiving a lot of buzz.