You Can Watch Earth Live from the ISS in HD


It’s 2016, and I’m finally beginning to believe it. We have self-driving cars you can actually purchase. We launch commercial rockets into space and land them on platforms for reuse. We even have consumer-friendly drones shooting 4k video for everyday YouTube content. But none of these are cooler than the following: NASA hooked up a live, high definition broadcast of the Earth from the International Space Station (ISS), and anyone can view it. The stream is called “ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment” and will reach its one year anniversary this week.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review: The Best Smartphone on the Market


Samsung’s smartphone devices have come a long way since the first Samsung Galaxy. After nearly a decade of iterations and research and development, the Galaxy lineup has impressed millions of people across the globe with unique functionality, attractive design, and impressively sophisticated hardware. Yet surprisingly, it’s Samsung’s newest model variant, the Galaxy Edge (Note/S6/S7 models), that has come out on top the past few years. The phone named for its arbitrarily curved display and arguably redundant features has become an icon of an Android handset. And it has improved tremendously in its third year. So after three weeks with the device, we feel the Galaxy S7 Edge is possibly the best smartphone ever made. Don’t believe it? Read on below for the full review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on Verizon Wireless.

Square Enix Resting Hopes On Final Fantasy XV


It’s no secret that the Final Fantasy series, once a standard bearer for the RPG genre, has been on the decline in recent years. Final Fantasy XIII, which marked a critical turning point for the series’ reputation, was considered the definition of mediocrity. An overly linear slog with a basic-at-best storyline and (with certain exceptions) a mostly forgettable cast. The gameplay too seemed stale, as if it hadn’t caught up to the modern era, and while fan opinion on the overall quality of the game has been divided, it’s no stretch to say that interest in the series took a hit, especially for fans who weren’t “all-in” on Final Fantasy.

Tesla Model 3 Sets its Sights on the Common Man


In years past, Tesla Motors and their cutting edge electric vehicles have been associated with high-end luxury just out of price range for the Average Joe. The unveiling of their new Model 3, however, aims to do away with that perception by bringing their oft praised automotive engineering down to the much more affordable starting price: $35,000 (and that’s before federal tax breaks).

The NX: What’s Next for Nintendo?


By now you’ve likely heard the rumors (which have been repeatedly denied) that Nintendo would be throwing in the towel on the Wii U this year. Whether those rumors are true or not, many agree that it would be the smart move, as Nintendo has been getting thoroughly walloped in the current console wars.