Sharp’s New Aquos Crystal Phone has Slimmest Bezel Ever


Sharp and Softbank are announcing a new lineup of smartphones in New York today known as Aquos Crystal. According to press releases and sources, these two devices have the thinnest bezels ever seen and a design out of an intrepid Sci-Fi film. Sprint’s towers will be exclusive with these devices, named the Aquos Crystal and the Aquos Crystal X.

The design innovation give these smartphones a very sharp, sleek, and fragile look. The minimal bezel is impressive for its beautiful display contrast (much like Sharp’s televisions), but it brings question to how a consumers could use them without covering the screen with their fingers.

The James Dyson Award Entries Are In


James Dyson, founder of the Dyson vacuum company, and his eponymous foundation have announced final entries for the annual James Dyson Award contest, in which young innovators around the world submit their designs for a better product, with no limitations on category. University students and recent graduates enter their projects, group or individual, for a chance to win $45,000 and $15,000 for their university department.

Made w/ Code: Google Invests in Future Female Developers


“And when you learn to code, you can assemble anything that you see missing.”

Above is a line from the landing video of the new Google initiative, Made w/ Code, appeals to young women to consider what they can do by studying computer science. Created by Google, along with a collection of strong women’s rights activists ranging from Chelsea Clinton and Mindy Kaling to Girls Inc., the video, the initiative, and the activities on the site are compelling and creative. The basis for this project stems from a lack of female representatives currently participating in the computer science field. In fact it’s reported that only 1% of high school girls are interested in pursuing a computer science degree and only 12% of computer science graduates are women.

AT&T Amazon Fire Phone Review: The Best Android Camera to Date


When I opened up the brand new AT&T Amazon Fire Phone, I was a little confused. And it wasn’t due to its size or the Amazon logo on the back; it was because it could just as easily been mistaken for an iPhone. The device is a jet black 16×9, 4.7″ slab with rigid (but rounded) edges, and it has a glass backing like that of the iPhone 4S.  It feels sturdy and pocketable, fitting perfectly in one average-sized hand, even in comparison to the Moto X. In fact, apart from the Amazon logo on the back, no one would be the wiser that this is not a brainchild of Apple. But no, this is a Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) device by all accounts, and it has the UI and software to prove it. Below you’ll find the full Tech Void rundown and review of this AT&T exclusive device.

The Linkmount System Kickstarter Project Puts your Phone on a Leash


You dropped your smartphone, so you got a case for it. You know, to thwart all those bumps and bruises it undertakes via your klutzy and apathetic care. The problem is cases only stop cracks to your LCD and have no added functionality. They don’t give your phone a kickstand or help you mount it as a GPS in your vehicle, and they certainly don’t let you hang it from a wall. Yet Plust, a design firm based out of Providence, RI, has created a product to do all of these things:  The Linkmount System Smartphone Enhancement.