New Kickstarter Project: Wireless Earbuds Squish to Fit

In-ear earbuds, or earphones, can be a very polarizing topic for consumers and music lovers. They either fit you, or they don’t, and you either love or hate them. For some (me included), no matter what size rubber tips are included, in-ear headphones just don’t work. And even if you don’t have some anatomical anomaly, sometimes they simply hurt to wear. To resolve these issues, the creators of Vie Fit, a new Kickstarter project, have designed wireless earbuds that custom fit anyone without sacrificing sound quality.

Vie Fit earphones are built with unique soft silicon housing and earbud tips that are flexible, durable, and even antibacterial. In essence, Vie Fit’s are squishy, meld to the unique shape of a person’s ear, and therefore should fit almost anyone. They use 8mm neyodymium dynamic speakers, and they’re omnidirectional (like most round earbuds) so it doesn’t matter what angle they sit in your ear.

Like other wireless buds, Vie Fit use Bluetooth and come with a small charging case. Battery life is suggested to reach 4-5 hours depending on use. Better yet, they are waterproof and supposedly comfortable enough to sleep in. Testimonials also suggest the sound is supreme with decent bass and treble.

To reach their $50,000 goal, Vie Style Inc. (the company behind Vie Fit) is offering the product as low as $74 to first backers, but many of these pledging goals are already sold out. Depending on the pledge, the earliest estimated delivery is December 2017 (for some backers). They will retail at $149 (cheaper than Apple’s, Jabra’s, some of Samsung’s, and others) and should have most of their product out to backers in April of 2018. At press time, they had reached $24,359 of their goal.

Thoughts of your own on wireless earbuds or Vie Fit’s Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Kickstarter