Popsockets Review: The Best Smartphone Accessory

Smartphones are ubiquitous these days as are the problems associated with owning one. Many of these include hardware issues, but I’m talking about something even more relatable–gravity. Dropping your phone, trying to pick up your phone, and looking at your phone from awkward angles in bed are constant issues (first world problems) people encounter.

And most of the tools claiming to resolve them (rugged and graspable phone cases), never seem to remedy this entirely. That’s when I found Popsockets, perhaps one of the greatest phone accessories ever created.

What is a Popsocket? It’s a round, plastic handle that can be stuck to the back of any device and be pulled upward (or popped), like a joint, into a small handle. These $10 accessories come in a variety of attractive designs and rest flat on the back of tablets, smartphones, or any other handheld gadget you can stick it to. Better yet, the impressively strong glue (on the back) can be rinsed and re-stuck on plastic and glass surfaces. The glue is so strong, in fact, you can’t pull these off without fingernails and a lot of force. Personally, I purchased one with a white seashell on the back, but there’s dozens of colorful designs to choose from.

In my everyday habits, I find using it as a kickstand is wonderful. In addition, having two levels of height when “popping” up the socket handle make it perfect for gripping my phone in a variety of scenarios, if not simply fun to play with. Popsockets are also perfect for watching YouTube videos hands-free, especially when sharing with an audience. You can see how they work in our video review above.

And heck, they’re trendy. So much so, YouTube icon Jenna Marbles has made her own Popsocket designs.

Thanks to to this gadget, I can actually grab my phone from pockets without fearing a drop, text on the street without passerby knocking it out of my hand, and watch videos while cooking hands-free. My only criticism is they could improve Popsockets with a square handle. This small fix would solve the issue of using it as kickstand on an uneven surface, such as my bed. Otherwise, its utility and durability so far (since December) is pretty slick.

If you’re looking for a smartphone accessory to solve you and your friends’ smartphone problems, Popsockets are great gifts. You can pick one up for yourself for $9.99 on Amazon, their website, and other various retailers.