Deal of the Day: You Can Buy a 200GB MicroSD Card for $60

We’re in an age of amazing technology, and sometimes it’s nice to stop and smell the roses. Have you considered how ridiculous it is that you can buy 128GB of flash storage on a thumb drive? Just ten years ago the largest most of us could afford was 128MB.

Well, things keep improving as SanDisk is now selling its largest MicroSD card, a 200GB one (compatible with your smartphones and other devices). And lucky for you, today it’s selling for a steal of $59.99CamelCamelCamel has also been tracking the price of this card, and considering it started at $250, this is one incredible deal.


If you’ve ever had trouble overloading your Android devices with photos and videos, you know this card would definitely come in handy. Even better, the card is rated Class 10 and comes with an SD adapter. What will you use your storage for?

Source: Amazon