Hoverboard Technologies May be the Closest Fiction to Reality

Hoverboards don’t exist in the way we want them to, and that’s sad for 2015. Hell, even Lexus’ and Hendo’s current magnetic prototype versions require skill beyond Tony Hawk and a lead-lined ramp. However, Hoverboard Technologies, owners of Hoverboard.com (quite the domain name win), have built something that looks about as incredibly close to Back to the Future II’s experience as we might get in this decade.

But let’s get half-truth out of the way. Hoverboard Technologies built a better self-balancing wheel and was a successfully funded Kickstarter project. This device indeed requires you to be on the ground. And despite it looking light as air, it’s actually 25 pounds. It’s not affordable. It actually comes in models beteen $2995 and $9995 (and that’s preorder), and they will debut on Demo Day at CES 2016 and ship its first models in July.

With its custom-LED designs and rather genius white-walled wheel, Hoverboard Technologies has marketed perhaps the first visually plausible “hoverboard” in existence (optical illusion). All of the promotional materials for this device are frustratingly short, and their camera angles are just deceitful enough to make you believe a a gravity-defying hovering skateboard has finally been created. But those LEDs come some snazzy specs including a range of 12 miles with speeds up to 16 mph while making “hoverboarding” look elegant, fun, and absolutely satisfying. There are three models of the device carrying various wattage, music features, and the ability to fast charge (16 minutes vs 45).

Gimmicks and marketing falsehoods aside, this looks to be something that’s incredibly fun to ride. Surfing on land is the description even non-affiliated reviewers have stated. The ease of which riders are shown racing along California beach boardwalks is enthralling. Of course, lesser, non-marketing materials and live demos will be the ultimate judge of this gadget’s utility.

Will Hoverboard Technologies’ first product be a successful futuristic venture or an overpriced fib? Let us know what you think.

Source: Hoverboard Technologies