New Biochip Filters Cancer Cells Out of the Bloodstream

A new biochip is offering technological advances in cancer screening and monitoring.  NSW University in South Wales has created a biochip that filters cancer cells from healthy ccells. While the invention was initially designed to check for basic checks of cancer cell levels, it’s now being dubbed the “dialysis for cancer.”

Using hydrodynamic forces, Dr Majid Warkiani and his team’s biochip is able to separate the larger and more malleable cancerous cells from healthy cells, making them easier to identify and filter out of the bloodstream. Because this is how cancer spreads and metastasizes further, this treatment could help patients live longer by literally thwarting the spread of  cancer within the body.

Better yet, the end product likely would only costs $5o-100 versus current cancer screenings which can cost $700 per session. In addition to the benefits to patients, the technology may also benefit screening and cleaning blood transfusions, which can come with immunology issues.