Bachelor Tech Review: The Best Way to Wash Dishes Without a Dishwasher

I live alone in Washington, D.C., and I have no dishwasher. That’s a small sacrifice for personal space. It’s also arguably a slight rent reduction despite the up-charge of ridding myself of roommate drama. Nevertheless, having no dishwasher aside my own two hands is horrible, especially because (as fitting of most bachelor cliches) I fail to clean up after myself regularly. I also absolutely HATE washing dishes. And even in the event used glasses and dinner plates make it to the sink, they’ll sit another 2-5 days depending how busy (or lazy) I get. 

So what is the solution to this first world slob problem? Well, paper plates and plastic cups is one option, but it’s poor for the environment (and incredibly tacky). Buying a counter-top dishwasher is another, but they run $200 and would take up counter space a studio kitchen just doesn’t have. And thirdly, paying maid or a willing companion is just unreasonable (but it’s still a fun thought).

So I found something better–Polder’s In-Sink Glass Washing Station. That’s right, I’m reviewing a product sold at every suburbanite’s shameful love–BB&B.

This stupidly genius $9.99 dual-bristled device has sturdy, multi-colored brushes for cleaning the insides of glasses. On the bottom of the plastic base, you’ll also find three suction cups that keep it stationed in your sink at any angle or location of your choice. The bristle brushes come in two different sizes, so even the deepest of glasses can be scrubbed efficiently.

sdfThe fact the packaging claims its “restaurant style” and “easy to use” is perhaps the most hilarious sell. Not only do I feel like a dishwasher making minimum wage, now I’m a dishwasher who is more productive. Apparently it’s also dishwasher safe, but isn’t that sort of obvious? Or a complete paradox? Who is buying this if they own a dishwasher?

But here’s the best part of Polder’s genius device: You can use it to clean glasses aside from dishes. Throw some soap down on the brushes and scrub your plates, utensils, and knives without breaking a sweat. Is it a cleaner solution? Hard to say, but I haven’t gotten salmonella yet, and I feel that’s a good sign. In all seriousness, this product has shaved at least 15-20 minutes of time a week washing dishes with a standard sponge. That’s pretty spectacular given the circumstances.

Bachelor Tech Rating: 10/10

Ease: 10 (Dip a glass on it)
Design: 10 (Two posts!)
Durability: 10 (durable plastic)
Intuitiveness: 10 (You needed instructions?)
Price: 10 ($9.99)