Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge May Be Slightly Waterproof

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge took a nosedive on features in its debut at Mobile World Congress last month. Without a MicroSD card slot and a removable battery, many were very quickly disappointed considering how previous models had all of these features, including the Note 4. The Galaxy S5 was also quite infamous for its incredible IP67 water resistance rating thanks, in part, to its sealed charging port. But the S6 and S6 Edge scrapped all of that and has not advertised one bit of water resistance since it started selling the device in April.

But could it be secretly waterproof? TechSmartt actually put it to the test in their YouTube video, drowning an S6 Edge in a bowl of water for over 25 minutes.

Incredibly, the S6 managed just fine with an underwater timer up to about 25 minutes, until the air bubbles and water leaking out of the phone became too much for the phone’s display and camera. Despite this, after charging the device (and frying a microUSB cable) the S6 Edge came back to life with only some lens troubles, camera errors, and general wetness.

For comparison, check out own video of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active water test in 2014.

We definitely don’t recommend this test on your own devices. But if you do, it seems like a day in a bowl of rice will save Samsung’s S6 models just fine after a dip in a pool. Want to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S6? Check out how easy it is to void its warranty.

Source: TechSmartt