EnChroma Makes Sunglasses that Allow Colorblind to See Full Color Spectrum (VIDEO)

In an incredible mini-documentary circling the web, EnChroma can be seen offering a pair of sunglasses to those afflicted with colorblindness. Valspar Paint teamed up with EnChroma for this short, and in it testimonies from several men and women are taken before and after wearing the perspective-altering glasses.

In the documentary, the subjects talk about wanting to see their the world, art, and their children’s paintings the way everyone else does. The results, as seen above, are rather astounding. Those affected by colorblindness have abnormal photo-pigments, making for a duller sight experience. Many reds and greens look the same, often even grey. These glasses help separate those shades in between, offering the colorblind a peek at the full color spectrum they have never seen before.


These color-adjusting glasses can be purchased by EnChroma for $349 and up (no, not cheap) in various styles and have some incredibly complicated science behind them. Of course, what we really want to know is…what happens when our cats and dogs put them on?

Via: mymodernmet
Source: ValsparPaint EnChroma