Tesla’s Insane Mode in the P85D Drives People…Insane

We had fun taking a look at the Tesla Model S P85D at Collaborate conference last weekend, but unfortunately we have yet to see what its like to ride in it. Thankfully, Drag Times has uploaded what seems to be the best demonstration of the amazing power within Tesla’s upgraded dual-motor.

In the video released this week, a driver named “Brooks” takes a few ride-alongs with unassuming passengers. After a complete stop, he floors the P85D from 0-70 mph at astounding speed (3.2 seconds for 0-60), getting the best reactions Tesla Motors and Elon Musk could hope for. At one point, a kid even loses grip of her phone.

Note: This video is full of EXPLICIT language from these ecstatically surprised passengers. Have a look below and enjoy the ride. For the “clean version,” click here.

Source: Drag Times