Deal of the Day: Best Buy Selling Jawbone UP for $30

Best Buy is killing its Jawbone UP inventory by selling them for a grand $50 discount. The fitness tracker has been one of the top-rated in tech in the past year. You can now get your own for a great $29.99 sale in any color of your choosing.

The simple wristband tracker will custom fit to anyone’s wrist and lacks any of the display functions higher-end fitness trackers like Fitbit and Microsoft have built. This price is likely because 2015 Jawbone models UP24 ($129 Best Buy/$99 Amazon) and UP3 are now adding more features. Amazon is also selling the UP model for a discount at $47.50.

The UP3 is available for purchase, but it’s much more heavy-handed with features and price at $179.99. Either way, all of these wristbands use UP’s Smart Coach application which is an innovative app for tracking sleep, fitness, and other health-related measurements. Is newer always best? You’ll have to be the judge.

However, there is a major difference between new and old. The original Jawbone UP lacks wireless syncing. It requires plugging the Jawbone into your smartphone’s headphone jack for syncing with the application. The new models have Bluetooth 4.0 included for wireless syncing.

Source: Best Buy