Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta Testing Begins This Week [Video]

Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta by Blizzard

Heroes of the Storm, an online brawler with Blizzard’s most memorable characters, began its closed beta testing on January 13. The brawler has been through its alpha testing for months and had publicly announced beta testing at BlizzCon. If you were playing Heroes and were wondering why the brawler was actually offline for a little bit on Tuesday, Blizzard was busy adding a new patch in preparation for the closed beta.

The new patch contains a new battleground called Sky Temple, a desert themed map where you’ll encounter the snake god, Ka, which was debuted at BlizzCon. Ka stores his power within the temples in the map, protected by guardians that you must defeat in order to attain Ka’s power. Thrall, Warchief of the Horde from Warcraft, has also been added to the heroes list with some significant changes. Currently, his starting abilities are Chain Lightning, Feral Spirit, and Windfury. Currently, Thrall comes with two other skins: Hellhammer Thrall and Master Thrall, just in case you wanted a different look.

If you’re good with assassins, then Thrall may be a good addition to your group of heroes. And, of course, a first iteration for Ranked Play is now available when the player’s account reaches level 30 and has earned a minimum of 10 heroes. However, Team League will not be available for now and will be released in a future patch. Aside from these exciting new additions, Blizzard promises plenty more nuggets that you’ll discover as you play the closed beta.

If you’re new to MOBAs (multiplayer online battle arenas) or are new to Heroes of the Storm, then definitely check out the video above. It gives a very thorough walkthrough for the closed beta, not to mention the new features added from the latest patch.

There is no official release date for Heroes of the Storm as of yet.

Via: PC Gamer
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