Car2Go Reaches 1,000,000 Members, Tells the World

One of DC’s most well-known car-sharing services just reached 1,000,000 members this week, and its none other than Daimler company’s Car2G0. The tiny, urban Smart car-renting service has been popular in Washington, D.C. among other metropolises including Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, and the Twin Cities (MSP) for the past several years.

Currently its being operated in 60 cities with 29 “Home Areas” (designated parking areas after one-way trips),. With the milestone Car2Go is revealing information about these areas and their members’ driving habits within them. In a press release sent out today, Car2G0 boasts members’  total miles driven (to the moon 568 times), trips taken, and the average time use of Car2Go trips (19-25 minutes).

If the news says anything, it’s that Car2Go is becoming a growing conglomerate of transportation services around North America. We reported on Car2Go’s/Daimler’s acquisition of commuter app RideScout just last September and its earlier investment in MyTaxi. While the claim of “largest carsharing company in the world,” is suspect

Of course, the most important note here is the coupon offered in this celebration press release. Until December 21st, Car2Go is offering free membership and 30 minutes drive time with the promo code: CAR2GOTIME. Check out the full press release before and let us know if you’ve had your own experiences with the compact-car rental service.




In Celebration of 1M Member Milestone,

car2go Reveals User Behavior Data Since Launch

AUSTIN, TEXAS (December 10th, 2014) car2go, the largest carsharing company in the world, announced today that its revolutionary, one-way carsharing service has reached one million members with access to 12,000 car2go vehicles in 60 cities within 29 operating Home Areas and eight countries across the globe.  Additionally, for the first time ever, car2go revealed user behavior data, illustrating its sheer growth since the company launched in 2009.

“Providing our members the best car2go experience with their honest feedback has always been such an important part of our overall growth strategy,” said Paul DeLong, CMO of car2go North America.  “We’ve seen tremendous growth since we first launched, and the strong adoption rate is a testament that our valued members are truly responding to our efforts to help them get from Point A to Point B with absolute ease.  We know that we can’t rest – we will continue to innovate and improve car2go in our existing markets, and introduce car2go to additional cities around the world.  We are committed to enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve with absolute openness and transparency.”

In celebration of its one millionth member milestone, car2go has – for the first time ever – revealed user behavior data from its 60 cities across 29 operating Home Areas around the world, including its North America markets, Austin, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Portland, Miami, Seattle, the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Columbus, Denver, Los Angeles (South Bay), Brooklyn, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Montreal.  Some highlights of the data, which analyzes the entire program as well as the individual markets, include:

  • 136,701,662 – The total number of miles driven since car2go launched. This distance equates to traveling to the moon over 568 times.
  • Over 32 million – The total amount of trips taken since car2go launched. The number of trips equates to the total amount of people living in the top 15 largest cities in North America.
  • 19 – 25 – The average time (in minutes) of a car2go trip since car2go launched in North America.

Effective until December 21st, car2go will offer free car2go membership, along with 30 minutes of free drive time at using promotional code CAR2GOTIME.

For more information or to register to become a member of car2go, please visit, follow @car2go on Twitter, or become a fan of car2go on Facebook.