Why I Love Arby’s: Arby’s Forgets Pepsi, Dedicates Entire Ad to Apologize

Yesterday Arby’s promoted a unique advertisement on its YouTube channel–yes, we’re talking about the fast food sandwich shop everyone likes to pop shots at, including the Daily Show’s own Jon Stewart. The beloved and often berated roast beef sandwich chain apparently has an agreement with Pepsi to feature it in at least two ads per year. Unfortunately for Pepsico, Arby’s completely forgot the second ad in 2014.

To correct this err, Arby’s went as as straight forward, blunt, and funny as it could with the following ad. “WELL, ARBY’S MESSED UP AND FORGOT ABOUT THE SECOND COMMERCIAL,” yells a narrator to an empty room with a spotlight on nothing but a chilled glass of Pepsi. The giggles are not lost on Reddit, which has voted the advertisement to The Front Page this week.

As for the the harsh criticism Arby’s sees on a daily basis, I wanted to personally address some fun facts and issues I have to the haters.

  • I love Arby’s in an appropriately unhealthy manner. Something about all that salt and thinly cut roast beef and Horsey Sauce makes my taste buds scream.
  • I actually do like Pepsi better than Coke many times. It’s crisper. Deal with it.
  • Any chance I get to hit a suburban shopping district, I’m sure to stop at an Arby’s restaurant for lunch.
  • There’s rumors that ARBYS stands for “America’s Roast Beef, Yes Sir.” That’s awesome.
  • According to Wiki,  “As of December 31, 2013, there were 956 company-owned restaurants and 2,448 franchised restaurants. There are international locations in three countries outside of the United States: Canada, Turkey and Qatar.[8

That’s all for now on this pressing fast food debacle. What’s your favorite fast food guilty pleasure? Discuss in the comments.

Source: Arby’s YouTube