Pros and Cons of PS4’s Share Play

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Share Play for the PlayStation 4 was released Tuesda. Share Play, which is being released with System Update 2.0, allows a host to invite a friend to watch, take over for, or play with them on their PS4. Sounds like a dream come true, right? But before you get too excited about these advertised abilities, here are some important things you should know about the release.

Share Play is only for PlayStation Plus subscribers, but the invitation can be sent to someone who doesn’t have a PS Plus account. The invitation can be for viewing or controlling purposes only—and yes, unfortunately, it can only be one invitation per session. If playing a multi-player game, then both players will need PS Plus accounts. The Share Play sessions are limited to just an hour but with no restrictions on the number of sessions. Theoretically, it’s possible to let a friend play a game from beginning to end, but you’ll have to keep renewing the hourly sessions. Sony is open to the possibility of changing the time limit based on user feedback, but remember that even if you borrow a game through Share Play, you won’t be able to collect trophies or save game progress.

For the detail-oriented, a deal-breaker might be the resolution. The highest resolution for Share Play will be 720p, and it will be dependent on the host and their friends’ internet connections. Much like the age old TCP/IP networking, it doesn’t affect the host. As Share Play becomes more widely used, Sony may bump up said resolution.

On the up side, the host can take back control of the game at any time, thereby ending the session. Is your expert gamer bro done getting through that super-difficult level? You can then take back possession of the game and continue playing without them, even before their hour is up.

One lacking feature of Share Play is its lack of cross-platform usability. Share Play doesn’t work with any other system, not even the PS Vita. But even with the limitations, Sony seems to have put in a lot of thought into the software. Users should probably expect some tweaking and updates in the near future as bugs are worked out. For instance, hopefully the session limit will be extended from an hour, and the resolution increased, but user feedback will ultimately be the deciding factor in those key details.

Check out the video below to see Share Play in action:

Via: PlayStation Blog