Today’s Best iPhone Launch Day Tweets

“Oh, happy iPhone 6 Day,” my coworker said this morning. Joking as he was, the way it rolled off the tongue was eerily comfortable. Today is, of course, the day Apple is releasing its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to lines of diehard Apple fans, camped out in front of their stores around the world.

Casey Neistat’s team has been documenting it via Snapchat (@caseyneistat and @annalora), some tech blogs have already released notoriously economically insensitive “smash tests” of the phone, and apparently one poor soul immediately dropped his iPhone 6 in the UK this morning. Even a Saudi Arabian family demanded a dowry of an iPhone 6 to give a bride away this week. Ridiculous, but are you really surprised? Didn’t think so.

So as it is “iPhone 6 Day,” below we’ve compiled some of the best documentation of the first world reveling in consumer technology greed. Enjoy.