What to Expect from Nintendo’s Livestream on Twitch TV

Tomorrow at 1 pm ET, Nintendo will hold an 8-hour livestream for its upcoming releases on Twitch.  For the first three hours, Nintendo will livestream some exciting gameplay from Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 (WiiU), two highly anticipated games that will be released on September 26th and October 24th, respectively. Sprinkled in there in the first few hours will also be Fantasy Life (3DS), Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (WiiU), and Ultimate NES Remix (3DS). From 4 to 8 pm ET, Nintendo will show the completed Super Smash Bros 4 for the 3DS. 

Hyrule Warriors did have 40 minutes of gameplay at E3 this year, which may be all we need. The title is similar to Dynasty Warriors, in which a character attacks large hordes of weaker enemies, with several stronger enemies thrown in the mix. Of course, there are still bosses to fight, but we’ll have to see how they’re different in Hyrule Warriors than in their original games. What makes this game different from previous Zelda titles is the ability to control characters other than Link, although we’ve only been able to see Zelda and Midna so far. Hopefully we’ll be able to see some more characters and how their fighting style affects the gameplay.

Unlike any of the other games in the livestream, Bayonetta 2‘s some of gameplay was actually revealed last year at E3. It was just a sample of what’s to come (like Bayonetta’s new haircut), but Corey Olscvary of Nintendo Treehouse did state that there would be a mix of both angelic creatures and demons, along with some larger, more intimidating bosses. As for plot, it was revealed that Jeanne’s (Bayonetta’s rival)  soul has been taken, leaving her trapped in the Underworld. It’s up to Bayonetta to save her, which may lead to some interesting and less predictable gameplay.

As for the lesser known Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, it was a spinoff of the series of puzzle-platforming levels from Super Mario 3D World. Although E3 and Comic Con attendees were able to try it out, there doesn’t seem to be much on it other than that. From what little we can see so far, it looks like a fun game for all ages, but since it’s an entire game based on solving puzzles unlike other Super Mario games, we do wonder if the game will appeal to all Mario fans.

For the 3DS, we’ll be interested to see upcoming releases Fantasy Life and Ultimate NES Remix included in the livestream as well. So far, it seems that Fantasy Life is an RPG game where you choose from 12 different classes and play through a story line that differs for each game. According to the 2014 E3 gameplay, no file is ever the same, and even though the game does revolve around a specific plot (although it’s difficult to pinpoint what it might be), a player can get lost exploring the world of Fantasy Life. Perhaps the livestream will clear up what exactly Fantasy Life is and how you play it. As for Ultimate NES Remix, its release was only announced two weeks ago, so it should be interesting to see what makes this one different from the two WiiU adaptations.

Last, but not least, is the highly-anticipated Super Smash Bros 4 for 3DS. Unfortunately, Nintendo did announce that it would not be releasing a date for the WiiU, or any gameplay for the console. Although there was some 3DS gameplay from both E3 and Comic Con, none seemed long enough to give us a good feel for what we should expect from new characters (even old ones!) or the solo feature. The four-hour livestream will hopefully answer any questions we might have about how the game will work on the 3DS and maybe even show some new secret characters. Super Smash Bros 4 for 3DS will be released in the United States October 3rd.

Via: IGN, Game Informer
Source: Nintendo Twitch Channel