The Coolest Cooler Sets Kickstarter Funding Record

Kickstarter has brought crowd sourcing to the front lines for the past several years, and for a while the Pebble Watch was the most successful fully-funded Kickstarter Project in history (Just over $10 million raised). But today there’s a new contender, and it’s a cooler (that ice box on wheels) named The Coolest. The high-tech cooler in question has much more utility than a smartwatch, however. The Coolest comes with a built-in 18V blender, a 5V USB phone charger, a Bluetooth speaker, elastic cords for strapping on other items, and even LED lights and a bottle opener to bring fun on wheels to any outdoor event where ice cold beverages are needed.
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And the project has raised $10.4 million, well over its $50,000 goal. Ridiculous, right? Oh, and did we mention at press time there were still 59 hours left to contribute? The Coolest also includes room to store a cutting board, plates, and general eating utensils. It will come in three colors: Margarita, Blue Moon, and Coolest Orange.

The Coolest was designed by Ryan Gepper, a self described product designer out of Portland, OR. It runs $165-185 apiece depending how early you funded the project (early bird incentives), and shipment is aimed for February 2015. Yeah, maybe not the perfect time for us in Northeast.  It’s definitely one expensive way to store your goods, but with a decent Bluetooth add-on, device charging USB port, and an actual blender, this product would definitely be welcome at any tailgating party. Would you buy this pimped-out cooler? It’s certainly more interesting than potato salad. Let us know what you think in the comments. Source: Kickstarter