Moto X’s New Digital Tattoo Unlocks Phone with a Tap of the Wrist

Moto X owners now have one of the weirdest and easiest ways to unlock their phone: An NFC digital tattoo.  On Tuesday, Motorola wrote a blog introducing a product designed by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group and VivaLnk Inc., that can unlock a Moto X with a simple wrist tap. It’s called Digitial Tattoo, and it’s essentially a temporary tattoo with NFC capability embedded. The nickel-sized tattoo has a looped, chrome design and the adhesive only lasts five days. Supposedly it can last through jogging, showering, and other rigorous or wet activities. You can buy a pack of 10 Digital Tattoos from Vivalink for $9.99, although they’re currently on back order.

I actually find the idea pretty cool, since I never lock my phone simply to avoid fumbling with it. Something like this would allow me to keep my Moto X secure without much hassle. All that said, $9.99 for 50 days of mobile security convenience is no better than the NFC device called Skip, which does the same thing for $9.99 and is a permanent pocket clip.

For the full rundown and video explanation on the Digital Tattoo for the Moto X, read on below.

A phone should be as unique as you are—not only in the design of your device, but how you use it. Last year at the All Things D “D11” conference, Regina Dugan talked about new digital tattoo technology that would make it easier to unlock your phone. Now the moment is here: We’re excited to see this new technology brought to life for Moto X by Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group and VivaLnk Inc.

Made of super thin, flexible materials, based on VivaLnk’s eSkinTM technology, each digital tattoo is designed to unlock your phone with just a touch of your Moto X to the tattoo, no passwords required. The nickel-sized tattoo is adhesive, lasts for five days, and is made to stay on through showering, swimming, and vigorous activities like jogging. And it’s beautiful—with a shimmering, intricate design.
It’s another step in making it easier to unlock your phone on the go and keep your personal information safe. An average user takes 2.3 seconds to unlock their phone and does this about 39 times a day—a process that some people find so inconvenient that they do not lock their phones at all. Using NFC technology, digital tattoos make it faster to safely unlock your phone anywhere without having to enter a password. 
You can buy the digital tattoos in packs of 10 on

Source: Motorola