LG Shows off Largest Foldable and Rollable Display

Just when you thought 2014 couldn’t get cooler, a 18″ LG OLED display was spotted bending and folding without a bit of distortion or breaking. The prototype technology was showcased by LG Display and is currently claimed as the world’s largest flexible and foldable OLED display. In the videos below, you can see a demonstration of LG’s prototype being bent, folded, and even rolled without damaging a single pixel of the 1,200 x 810 resolution. According to Engadget, the screen is made with polyamide film, a material that is thinner and more flexible than plastic. There was also a demo of a transparent version of the screen. LG is promising flexible OLED screens up to 60″ in the future. Perhaps the first iteration of the LG G Flex wasn’t such a gimmick after all.

Via: Engadget
Source: LG