uberXL Comes to DC, Allows SUV Transport for Cheap

Uber debuted a new option for transit in Washington DC today. In addition to their already popular uber Black Car service, SUV and the even less expensive uberX, uberXL (larger and cheaper, get it?) has joined the alternative cab party. The new service starts with a $4 base fare with only $2.50 per additional mile. Vehicles will include models such as the Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, and Acura MDX. Of course, you can always hope for an Cadillac Escalade to drop their higher valued service charges to pick you and your friends up.


uberXL offers the affordability of uberX at rates that are 45% less than our premium UberSUV option.

uberX uberXL
Base Fare $3.10 $4.00
Per Minute $0.29 $0.35
Per Mile $1.40 $2.50
Minimum Fare $5.70 $7.00

*Minimum fare includes $1 Safe Rides Fee*
God knows, we DCists love hopping Uber before and after a night on the town. Considering Uber also allows you to split fare with friends, the discount service is even more appreciated.

However, there is one MAJOR concern. UberX has already serviced patrons for the lower rate with mid-sized SUVs. Will passengers really be saving money for more space with uberXL or simply paying to see higher off the ground? If you’re only looking to fit four passengers, a Honda Civic seems just as reasonable without another $.90 per mile, not including the base fare upgrade. Are Uber customers getting ripped off? Let us know if you think.

If nothing, you can take advantage of their current promo code:

Sign up with code uberXLDC for a FREE first ride up to $20.

Source: Uber