Smithsonian’s Air & Space Asks Air Force How to Kill Godzilla

The revamped Godzilla is coming to theaters May 16, and we can only expect the hype to result in a summer box office success. Piggybacking off of the relevance,  Smithsonian’s Air & Space museum took it upon itself to ask the Air Force how it might respond to the notorious fictional Kaiju, should he attack Japan or the United States.  Several members of the Air Force listed off defense strategies including F-15s, Cobras, bombs and lots of multi-purpose ammunition.

Personally, I think some unstable underwater torpedoes are the way to go, if not simply some ricin-poisoned fish. What can I say? I loved K-19 and Breaking Bad.  You can check out the full Q&A in the video below for all the gory details.

If nothing else, be sure to watch the extended Godizilla trailer.

Via: Verge  Washington Post
Source: Smithsonian

How would you finish off a monster of mass proportions?