Two High School Students Solve the Wet Ketchup Problem

It’s the age-old gripe: watery condiments on your sandwich. You know how it is. You shake, you squirt, and all that comes out of your Heinz bottle is watery ketchup–soaking your bread, french fries, and soul into wet misery. Two high school seniors looking to solve this exact problem got a chance when they enrolled in Liberty North High School’s Project Lead the Way program.

Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson (Brothers in Ketchup) spent their school year designing a simple piece of plastic to separate the water residue in ketchup bottles from the blissful tomato paste during a squirt. Using computer software and their school’s epic technology resources, the two 3D-printed their prototypes and tested it to success. Check out the full interview with the duo in KCPTOnline’s video below:

The students said they aren’t looking just yet to patent the plastic piece, but we’re curious if Hunt’s or Heinz would try to buy them out anyway.

Via: PopSci

Source: KCPTOnline