Quirky Smart Air Conditioner Makes Your Ancient Home Cooler

Your cheap window air conditioner just got a lot more expensive. Actually, it’s only $300. Meet the Aros, a smart air conditioner by Quirky. This state-of the art window air conditioner unit is a bit like the Nest Learning Thermostat and other smart gadgets  (think smart locks) being touted this year. It’s Wifi-friendly and linked to a smartphone and tablet application called Blink, allowing heat stroke-ridden owners to control every electronic aspect of the Aros remotely.

But is it really more efficient? Quirky partnered with GE for this project, and with 70 years of experience building window units, they felt it was time to see a great change to the technology. We don’t disagree. It’s actually a really attractive model and doesn’t scream “Noisy machine my dog pants next to during late August.”

Of course, if the only change to the Aros is the ability to turn off your AC before getting home instead of when you get to the button (like many of us in Washington row houses), are you really cutting your utility bills? Freon hasn’t changed much in the last 70 years either. Sure, Aros can monitor how efficient you’re being (a bonus), but from the Vimeo ad above, it sounds as if people will just be cooling their home that much longer by using the appliance when no one is home.

So is anything besides its aesthetics needed? Or is this just another pedometer-esque (WE NEED DATA) tech gimmick? The fact many still lack central air conditioning  is awful enough in the second decade of the 21st century. Will the wireless app make your life any better or less expensive? We’ll have to let the Blink app do the talking, but you should note that most window units already include remote controls.

While GE’s products are generally a win for home efficiency, we still think there’s an incredibly cheaper option. Check out Desertsun02’s solar and ice-powered home air conditioner in the tutorial video below. All you need is some PVC pipe, a fan, a small solar panel, gallon of water, and a bucket. Voila! Free solar air conditioning. My favorite part? You can refreeze the water or grab another gallon out of your freezer when melted.

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Source:  Quirky Vimeo