Valentine’s Day Tech Tips

Whether you TOTALLY forgot about the most important day of the year (Valentine’s Day?), need a pillow to practice making out with or want to send flowers to yourself from a fake lover, these tech wonders will help you out.

Practice your Technique

Um yeah, this is a totally weird one to have hanging out in your living room. An ingenious lady named emilygraceking put up instructions on how to create these bad boys on All you need is felt, pillow-making materials and a CPR dummy mouth. Oh, and the desire to practice making out on an inanimate object. Just don’t tell your future girlfriend/boyfriend that THAT’s how you learned your smooth moves.

Find a restaurant for Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, calling every single restaurant in the city is just tedious. Our lovely hosts and hostesses do not want another call from a desperate horrible boyfriend (or girlfriend.) Luckily, OpenTable will let you find a restaurant with tables in a single click. Just go to your city’s OpenTable site and find their Valentine’s Day promo page. The DC Metro area has 277 restaurants with availability as of this posting. Granted, they are mostly for heinously early time slots like 4:30 p.m., but beggars can’t be choosers, can we?

Send Yourself a Fake Valentine Bouquet

Apparently it is a thing to receive flowers at your place of work for Valentine’s Day. Shove it in your coworker’s faces with a fake Valentine’s Day bouquet by dropping $62 to $116 on a flower arrangement that will put all others to shame. No, really. Washington startup Bloompop will send you flowers from that fake man in your life, complete with seductive message card. You have three choices of man: The Romantic, The Secret Admirer, and The Creep. Your coworkers will be left wondering for days.

Give Your Girlfriend a Subscription to Blushbox

You’ve heard of subscription delivery boxes like Birchbox (beauty samples) or Barkbox (treats for the dog in your life.) Blushbox, a similar service for women that delivers intimate wear, bedroom toys and other sexy unmentionables four times a year could be the tech gift that takes your Valentine’s Day to the next level. Each box is either $99 or $49.99, depending on the number of items you want.