LG Press Conference: Live from CES 2014

LG is debuting some of its new tech today on CES 2014’s “Press Day.” We’re aggregating the news as it comes down the wire to D.C at 11am EST. We’re speculating to see new 4K TVs, possibly mentions of its work with Google on the Nexus 5, etc. Keep your eyes peeled to your screens as we update this post. Not like we have to…

11:02: LG introduces Keynote Speaker CTO Dr. Skott Ahn. He’s off on his LG monologue about possibilities and and pioneering innovations that make a difference in the world. Yes, millions of more colors to see from our couch please!


11:06: LG’s video featuring all of their products, color printers, “HomeChat,” and a smartphone (looks like a Nexus 5). HomeChat will be used to speak to appliances in the home, and work with more LG tech.

11:08: He mentioned the G Flex and how it’s a metaphor for the flexibility of tech these days. WebOS mention. Off to explore its use in TVs.

11:10: Video exploring WebOS function. It looks like sub-par Android games with a Wii-like remote. Access to web apps such as YouTube and Netflix shown. Weather Channel. Today news, and applications for each cable network. Could be the future of interactive cable. Keywords. “User experience.”

11:12: Netflix CEO steps on stage. Reed Hastings. THIS IS BIG. Boasting LG products, mentions House of Cards. Filmed, edited, mastered in 4K THIS YEAR. LG TV owners. Sounds like a solid partnership.

11:17: Smart TVs powered by WebOS, Netflix partnerships, and mention of G Flex. Pretty small intro conference, new product lineup next.

11:18: Tim Alessi Lead on Product Development is riffing on our weight loss resolutions. Pedometers next? Heart rate tracking headphones?


11:20: Lifeband Touch by LG introduced. OLED display like FitBit, obviously to compete with other wrist pedometers. Hear rate Earphone to be released this year with the band.

11:22: 70 and 40W Bluetooth speakers for your living room. You guys just missed Christmas! New audio lineup includes new sound bar with 4.1 sound. One is a successor to last year’s SmartTV model. New model is slimmer to match new LG smart TVs. Thinner, 4.1, apparently still boisterous.

11:24: 25 new TVs ranging¬†from 20-70″. EnergyStar certified and includes Plasmas. Half will include new WebOS interface. What about my Roku?!

11:26: LG enters all-in-one PC market? 22 inches and featuring Chrome OS. Google and the rest of the planet should have guessed this. Full HD, we could only hope.

11:29: LG’s OLED lineup includes a 77, 66, 55 OLED TV

11:30: Vibrant of course. We’ll have a visit to LG’s booth later this week (Thursday likely) and continue the updates on these latest electronics

11:32: Enter smart appliances. HomeChat mentioned again. “unified ecosystem.” Yes, your appliances can communicate to each other. You can just speak or text. Finland has had this for a decade, we believe.

LG fridge

11:35: Their washer and vacuum will talk to you about its dirt history. We’re not sure why you want to know either. Most of refrigerator has the new text feature and some sort of freezer opening feature.

11:38: CEO of LG on stage. About to talk more about LG Studio.


11:42: Awkward crowd participation on LG’s slogan. With LG, It’s All Possible.

11:44: LG Flex talk again. Most innovative/advanced smartphone of theirs. Remember, it curves flat, so its resilience is pretty cool for dropping or running it over with your kids toys.

11:45: “Curved is Better,” says LG. Built with curved glass, curved batteries, and the curve intended to bounce sound on tables and feel more comfortable on your face. You know, just in case you don’t understand shapes. Attractive and cool, nevertheless!

11:47: G Flex will debut in US in first quarter of 2014. On three carriers: AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. We can’t wait to get our hands on the AT&T model! No price mentioned, but we assume it will break your wallet and contract.\

That’s a wrap! Great start to Press Day at CES 2014. Stay tuned for more updates and coverage today. Much more to come today!

Source: Verge, CNET, Engadget

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