Apple Unveils the Expected: iPhone 5S, 5C, Colors and the Fingerprint reader

If you’re like us, you’re tuning into Apple’s iPhone event in Cupertino right now, and you’ve seen…well, exactly what you expected to see. As we detailed last week, the iPhone 5C is a colorful, plasticky $99 addition to Apple’s smartphone family and clone of the iPhone 5. But lest us not forget the gold iPhone 5S, which includes a fingerprint reader and a brand new chip. The 64-bit A7 is five times faster than the iPhone 5’s and 47 times faster than the original iPhone (Strategic statistics, much?). The S also includes a brand new camera sensor that iOS 7 will take advantage of, continuing to beautify the world of social media platforms everywhere. Did we mention that the iPhone 5 will be discontinued altogether? With the 5C taking the exact same price point, its existence is moot, although apparently the 4S will still be available for purchase. Yeah, we don’t know either, but Darren Murph had a good thought:


Stay tuned for more updates as the least surprising Apple update since the leaky year of the iPhone 4 continues. 

Source: Verge