Velociraptor Prank on the Loose in Japan

Yesterday we found the 19th redux of Jurassic Park, but this time Steven Spielberg had nothing to do with it.  A poor lad became of a victim of your worst prehistoric nightmares, when his coworkers played a cruel prank with the help of a TV show in Japan via the use an impressively large velociraptor costume. Obviously, they succeed at scaring the living (insert expletive of choice) out of this poor guy.

The video begins with the man’s coworkers screaming from afar and running down the hallway adjacent to him.  He watches in extreme confusion and horror. Then he sees it, the ceiling-tall velociraptor costume. It begins to chase him down the hallway whilst roaring, causing him to stumble and scream, all the while he is filmed by cameras. We can’t speak for the validity of the prank, but his reaction is priceless and impossible not to laugh hysterically. It’s especially hilarious due tot he TV show hosts cavalierly mocking the poor, unsuspecting fellow. We’re just glad no one died of a heart attack.  Check it for yourself below:

Via: io9
Source: uproxx