12-Year-Old Develops Lazy Husband App, Restores Faith in American Youth Despite Vague Sexism

Ever run out of responses to the perennial questions of “Do I look fat in this dress?” or “Does my hair look good” uttered by your wife or girlfriend? Have no fear, the Lazy Husband app is here. The vaguely sexist app allows users to prerecord their answers to the most common of questions “female” friends and family might ask. Husbands everywhere can maintain marital peace without ever having to look up from a rousing game of Temple Run.

The app was debuted at SXSW 2013, most impressively by the app’s pinlazyhusbandt-sized developer, the 12-year-old Ethan Duggan from Nevada. Duggan conceptualized Lazy Husband after tiring of his mother’s constant sartorial questions. A recent scholar from CodeAcademcy.com, Duggan built the app from the ground up. “My dad helped me when I got stuck, but I did a bulk of the programming,” he told SlashDot TV. Take that, China!

Fortunately, women can look forward to Duggan’s future reciprocal pseudo-sexist projects.  With the help of his father, he is already working on Lazy Wife and Lazy Kid apps. But the Lazy Empire has its sights set even farther. “One of our next apps is Bargument, which allows you to create a Wikipedia page that’s completely fake to prove arguments at bars. That way you can prove that you’re right and the other person is wrong.”  Looks like a bright future ahead, at least in the professional realm.

Check out SlashDot’s interview with Duggan here. Test out the app here for yourself.