Nubrella keep you dry, makes you look stupid

We’ve seen a lot of funny gadgets in our day, but the Nubrella is probably the highlight of 2013 thus far. The outrageous Japanese-made umbrella costs $49.99 and covers your entire upper body as you walk about in treacherous rain, sleet, and snow conditions. We can’t wait to see the first trend-setters running around Farragut North with these things strapped to their heads.


Just LOOK at this thing. The translucent plastic bubble (which is really all it is, right?) is like the bubble umbrella on steroids. It’s also hands-free, so you can use your cell phone or drive…snowblowers? This seemingly transformed space cadet helmet will keep your $100 D.C. salon style in tip-top shape along with the rest of you. It will also give foreign tourists great photo-ops in whatever destination city you reside. Honestly, the thing is so out of this world, we think they should have gotten Neil Armstrong to shoot for these press shots. Our favorite is the guy on the bicycle. “Clearly, I won’t fall on my face trying to bike through giant puddles now…” said some guy with a Nubrella. Did they have to pay someone to fall down for this ad?


The umbrella folds up in an elliptical shape for awkward storage. But hey, maybe this will really catch on in Seattle, and we’ll be the ones left in the soaking rain with our broken umbrellas.

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Source: Nubrella