CES Editor’s Choice Day 2: Screens to make your eyes smile

It’s the second day of CES (officially the first ), and as stated, we are bringing you the overview of the three most exciting gadgets from the showroom floor (albeit remotely). The biggest name in the game of CES 2013 is not just one product, but a resolution. 4k resolution is the most literally eye-popping feature at the show, and it’s coming in all shapes in sizes.

Panasonic made two of the three on this list due to their astounding keynote with a sneak peak at their 20-inch Windows tablet with a more vibrant screen than you’ve ever seen before (seriously). It’s also half an inch thick and light.


Follow this with Panasonic’s  56-inch 4k resolution OLED television, (the first 3D-printed television, at that), and you get a very crisp, attractive duo none of us will likely ever afford.  Ironically, there’s literally no Ultra-High Definition programming broadcasted anywhere in the world to make use of this technology. Note: Panasonic didn’t list release dates or prices for these models, but we’re assuming the television could be upwards of $10,000 considering other brilliant models at CES this week.


As for a third Editor’s pick, we’re really excited about LG’s curved  EA9800 OLED television display. The beautiful screens (yes, plural) draw viewers in with a concave design much like any wrap-around IMAX theater.  The three 55-inch televisions come as a set with Cinema 3D support. It’s also the first curved screen with screen distortion reduction technology. In addition, it uses a WRGB four-color pixel system, adding a white pixel to help with more vibrant colors which is beyond the normal RGB standard. The current (previous iteration) flat-screen set runs at $12,000, so we can only assume around the same for this. No release date set.

LG's curved EA9800 OLED display eyeson

Stay tuned for further updates on CES 2013 throughout this week.