The XX delivers new album “Coexist” via social networks

Innovative album debuts are nothing new, but the way The XX shared its new album “Coexist” with the world yesterday is definitely an eye opener for social networking use in 2012. The new album is streamable in its entirety for no cost on their website. The cool part? It was spread by sharing the link with one fan and encouraging him or her to share it with others via Facebook, Twitter, email, or simply embedding it as a widget on a website. The effort is a collaboration with Microsoft’s IE, which tracks the progress of the album as you and others share it across state lines, nations, and oceans on a brilliantly-lit atlas.

The young English pop band lives up to its sparse and solemn melodies in previous albums on “Coexist,” and loyal fans won’t be disappointed.  The first track “Angels” brings themes of love and loss to mind immediately, setting the tone for what will be a great album for urban night clubs and heart-aching hipsters young and old.  If Gotye’s “Somebody you used to know” didn’t get to the knife in your breakup, Coexist’s sixth track “Sunset,” may just do it for you.

Check it out for yourself. Just be sure to share it with friends and preorder the album for yourself at just $9.99.

Source: The XX