Rebuilt Facebook app is indeed faster

If you groaned like we did after Zuck promised a faster app, take comfort in knowing that sometimes you really can believe what you hear. After poking around inside the app for just a few minutes, it was clear that the developers at Facebook aren’t joking around. This app moves: browsing is noticeably faster, viewing new notifications couldn’t be simpler and uploading and viewing photos takes no time at all.

If you need further proof, just listen to Webmaster Alex Marit’s take: “Damn! This update made it fast as hell. It actually works now.” Eloquent, we know. While some users are reporting slower-than-normal performance and the occasional bug, most comments have been receptive of the revamp. In addition to better performance, the update includes some quality-of-life improvements.

So hurry up and update your application, Android, Windows Phone and iPhone users. Visit the iTunes Store and Google Play for more information.

via: iTunes

Source: Facebook