Google+ extends vanity URL release, world goes ‘meh’

Solidifying its place as the social media platform most adept at playing catch-up, Google+ continues to roll out custom URLs to “thousands more verified (and well-known) brands and individuals.” And by verified, we mean verified in the Twitter sense of the word: the goal is to protect “people, brands and businesses that are subject to broad-based impersonation.”

Just in case you’re out of the loop, Google+ recently announced the option for well-known brands and celebrities to get a personalized URL (much like FB and other social networks) instead of the numeric user code us less than VIP-status currently hold. In this follow up, Google says those users will now be notified upon login that they have the option to claim their custom URL. However, unlike Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Google+ takes the liberty of suggesting the URL. If Lady GaGa doesn’t like the one she was given, she has the option to request a different URL, though it’s currently not clear how long it will take for Google to respond. To learn more about personalizing your FAMOUS Google+ URL token to SquigglesMcgee (or whatever Snoop Reggae is calling himself these days), head over to the official announcement.

Via: Saurabh Sharma

Source: Google