Welcome to Tech Void, where you can fill your soul with the latest and greatest technology news, reviews, and editorials. We are attempting to fulfill a void in the Washington, D.C. area of consumerĀ tech content.

Erik Hyrkas
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Alex Marit
Managing Editor/Webmaster

Ross Fale
Contributing Editor

Ian Danielson
Contributing Writer/Photographer


Erik Hyrkas – Founder/Editor-in-Chief
Alex Marit – Webmaster
Ross Fale – Editor
Ian Danielson – Writer/Photographer


Hiring Freelance Writers

If you’re interested in contributing to Tech Void, please shoot us an email with 2-3 writing samplesĀ and pitch ideas. We would hope you’re an idea machine who can write at least 600 words per week with decent punctuation, grammar, and knowledge of blog/web writing styles.

Bonus: Having a sense of humor, photography/videography skills, knowledge of SEO practices, WordPress, and php. Currently unpaid, but per-post is negotiable in time.

Perks: Byline on a listed technology blog, access to DC events, consumer tech reviews, and addition to your clips portfolio.