Charge your Android Again with this Micro USB Fix

If you’re an Android user, you’ve likely experienced an issue charging your battery via micro USB cord. The issue results from hastily plugging it in over the years, causing the innards of your phone’s (inherently defected) micro USB port to become bent and damaged, breaking consistent conductivity when plugged in.

So how do you resolve this? The lazy solution is to simply push down on a charging cord, while delicately positioning the phone in a way that keeps a connection. But this method is always a bit of a riddle, much like voiding a weighted booby-trap in an Indiana Jones film.

Thankfully, in an attempt to solve this dastardly problem on my own phone, I’ve discovered the simplest solution yet. And it literally takes five seconds.

Avi Mendleson explains in the video above how to solve this problem for any micro USB device. Fortunately, all you need is a pliers. A simple hard press on any male micro USB end will flatten it out and help these plugs make solid connections with your devices again.

Note: We can’t take responsibility for any electrical issues or damage to your cords caused by this attempted fix.

I tried this on several of my own cords, putting my 2013 Moto X back in action. I haven’t been this self-satisfied with a YouTube-fix since I remedied my leaking toilet tank. Of course, if this doesn’t solve your troubles, the third option is cleaning the port with a q-tip or buying new cords altogether. Then again, perhaps you just need a new phone.

Also, when you find out this doesn’t work 100% of the time, A great deal on new micro USB cords can be found on Amazon in various lengths.

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  • TimJ

    Thx. I have a dozen or so micro USB cables that don’t seem to worl anymore, will def try this!

    • TechVoid

      Let us know how that worked out.

  • Fern F.

    unreal! as a diehard skeptic, i doubted this could help, but ir did!.. and in the promised fifteen seconds. i used a cheap cord to start, and now I’ve fixed them all. Thanks!

    • TechVoid

      It worked on a few and is definitely a bit of a crapshoot. Thankfully, most new products are more reliable with Lightning or USB Type-C.

      • Fern F.

        Aghh…Now it’s my 1yr old moto phone that is the problem! There is only a tiny little sweet spot where any of my cords will charge…right around two thirds of the way in. One hair off either direction and it stops charging. Any ideas?

        • TechVoid

          We’ve felt your pain.

      • John Gardner

        See my technique posted earlier. It makes it a bit more precise.

  • JimmyRotn

    Didn’t work. Guess my phone is the problem. Don’t buy Motorola!

  • Gomez Ryan

    Thank you for posting this video. it was really helpful…

  • Michael Muir

    That is awesome! My crappie Next book wouldn’t hold on to any usb connecters, I’ve bought about 5 or 6 of them and they always click on and off after a short time. Best tip ever!

  • John Gardner

    This concept really works well. And I think it will also work on the type A connector as well I think I found a slightly better way of doing this that reduces the risk of damaging the cable by over doing it. I use a small vice grips with a curved jaw. I come at it from the side. The vice grip allows me to precisely control the amount of squeeze applied. I don’t squeeze in the middle I apply pressure to the metal just past the plastic where it becomes hollow and I do it on both sides. This gives a flatter compression to the metal. Again I not doing this head-on but from the two sides. The curved jaw avoids bending the small tabs and I always compress the far-side not the near side as this gives more space to avoid bending the tabs. But it fixed my wife’s Samsung. We tried many cables, some brand new and high quality Anker cables. The only cable that worked consistently was my old Blackberry cables. They have always been the best cable I have ever found. But after I did this procedure the Anker cable and other cables, even cheaper ones work fine. Sorry no video. I can’t wait to try these cable mods on my oldest Son’s HTC One M7. The cable is so loose it false out under gravity and that is any cable. Still sleeping………

  • Jackie

    I really need some help please. The lil tab inside my phone does not seem at all evenly-sided.Shouldnt the tab be in the very MIDDLE of that port??? I know it happened when I bought my phone and the guy at the store shoved the charger into it to charge it up to activiate my plan. Constant fiddling…makes me want to run over it with my car. Maybe that will help *LOL*

  • Awesome share, I found it really interesting. Keep posting that kind of awesome stuff.