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Live From CES, It’s Marissa Mayer Live!

In case you missed it, TechVoid brings you a recap of the Yahoo CEO’s Keynote Address at CES 2014.

In an energetic (if not campy) variety show-style keynote address at the 2014 Consumer Electonics Show Tuesday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, TV personalities, Grammy Award winners, and her select choice of Yahoo executives unveiled what’s new for the company this year. Mayer highlighted staggering growth of mobile and tablet usage, declaring Yahoo’s new goal to make daily mobile habits “more consistent, more convenient, and more inspiring.”

With the goal of simplifying information consumption, Mayer debuted advances in four key Yahoo shingles: search, communication, media, and content.


Mayer toted Yahoo’s acquisition of Aviate, asking us to imagine if our smartphones and tablets could anticipate our needs before we go manually searching for them. Aviate, an intelligent homescreen app, features mobile telekinesis if you will, making suggestions based on the user’s contextual clues, like suggesting a fitness app when you go to the gym. For those of you who’ve seen Her, this is one real-world step closer to Spike Jonze’s fictional operating system (sorry fanboys, it doesn’t come with ScarJo’s smokey voice).