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Snapchat Adds Discover Feature

Snapchat has added a Discover feature, adding some familiar brands to the app. Similar to Instagram, Snapchat’s Discover allows you to find new content ranging from its own editorial staff to Comedy Central to CNN. Media groups are jumping on the Discover bandwagon, posting short, unique content for the average Snapchat user.

What will these partners post on Discover?

First, users are given a short Snap for the content chosen from one of Discover’s partners. If it interests you, swipe up for more about the Snap. The content, just like Stories, can range from short 10-second video clips, images with text, or even concise articles. It’s not any different from Casey Neistat’s or your best friend’s Stories, except that they’ll still be available on Snapchat after 24 hours. Instead of erasing the content available on Discover, Snapchat will update once a day while allowing you to swipe left to view any content you’ve missed in the meantime. The partners for Snapchat’s Discover include: Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, Food Network, and ESPN.

But what does that mean for the future of Snapchat?

Right now, it means that Snapchat will finally be rolling in the dough from advertisers. However, Discover is also making these partners more accessible to a younger audience. National Geographic and Cosmopolitan are becoming more relevant to a tech-savvy audience, which may lead to an increase in sales and subscriptions. If they’re successful, it’ll lead to more brands joining Snapchat. If Discover becomes open to common users, we might see the same phenomenon occurring on YouTube: stars paid by advertisers to allow ads on their Stories.

Users with a large following and number of views on Snapchat already receive sponsorships, and the changeover to Discover could lead to more views and followers. Maybe the Snapcash feature will play a role in Discover, but that might become more relevant in the NSFW category. Carriers will also love Discover. With the amount of data Snapchat already uses, Discover will be forcing you to increase your data plan or pay the fee for crossing your limit. Just be wary about your data usage as you swipe through Discover. It may end up costing you without wifi. In the long run, Discover is a great step for Snapchat. It’s adding a new level of entertainment for its users while cashing in on the advertising. Discover seems like a win-win for everyone, except your data plan.

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Snapchat Settled Lawsuit With Former Co-founder

While the tech community at large was focused on Apple’s launch of the new iPhone 6 last week, a younger tech giant was settling out of a year and a half lawsuit. Snapchat, now valued at about $10 billion, formally cited on Sept. 9 that ousted co-founder Frank “Reggie” Brown was the origin of the disappearing picture message app that now lives on many phones.

Snapchat adds video, Facebook plans to build similar application

The newly popular smartphone application Snapchat, which allows users to share (plausibly lewd) photographs to friends and potential mates for a short time limit before being obliterated, has now added video recording to its application.

The implication of even worse inebriated Saturday night ideas (consequence-free sexting [note: it’s not; you can screenshot Snapchat]) has been drowning the Internet ever since. But like any bandwagon, there’s always room for more to hop on, and it turns out Facebook wants to emulate the application with its own “Snap-Chat-like” feature, despite already having access to your drunken photos, according to AllthingsD.

According to unnamed sources, Facebook’s version would allow self-destruct messaging with another standalone application (i.e. Facebook Camera, Messenger, Instagram, etc.).  The application, which is said to be released in several weeks, will allow you to browse your Facebook message threads, select friends to share them with, and  finally allow you to set a viewing time limit just like Snapchat.

The confusing purpose of the application is (how it has been described so far), of course, that the messages listed are already in existence on Facebook. So unless users can draft a message within the application that will be self-destructed and removed from Facebook’s servers, it seems to defeat the Snapchat-like purpose.

Stay tuned as Tech Void continues to follow the development of said time-swallowing smartphone applications.

Source: AllthingsD