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NSA Has Your Sexts: Five Ways to Scrub Your Secrets from PRISM

PRISM has hit headlines like a Midwest derecho, and you should be worried, too, because the NSA has your sexts. And Siri is their spy.

Okay, we don’t know for sure if they have your sexts, but if the United States government decided they needed them for whatever reason, they’d LEGALLY get their hands on them no problem, despite the first and fourth amendments (for now).

We’re talking those amazingly risque pictures of your ex. Dirty details on your latest shaving project. That thing you did at 3 am, at the bar in Cancun, with your coworkers, that was never supposed to see the light of day, yet was candidly shot on your new Windows Phone. All of that could be in the hands of NSA and the CIA once they tell Verizon, Google, or Microsoft (who signed up in 2007), that they have a reason to investigate you, let alone some other fishy character you’re acquainted with.

So what can you do? Delete your Gmail? Buy a burn phone? Move to the Antarctic? Here’s five ways to scrub your secrets from the United States government:

1. Encrypt files, clean out your MicroSD

You have thousands of photos right there on your smartphone’s microSD card (if your model has one). You don’t need to buy a burn phone to clear your cache and take out your card.  Keep your photos in a safe place. Better yet, take the data, encrypt it with TrueCrypt, and stash it on a hard drive. It’s opensource, free software you can use to encrypt files on your drive. You could also simply delete the files altogether (which could still be recovered), but what kind of paranoid fun is that?